Another Starcraft 2 CD Key site found!

I tried posting awhile back about a site I found that had a Starcraft 2 cd key. Now I would like to share with you another site that I found that had more keys than the site I have before.

If you want to get a free Starcraft 2 cd key, just head on over to the site and you will not be disappointed. The keys worked for me so I would assume that it would for you too.

Starcraft 2 CD Key site FOUND!

People of the world! haha if there are still anyone that can read this. To all the avid Starcraft 2 gamers out there. If you are still looking for a Starcraft 2 CD Key, you don't have to worry about it anymore.

Starcraft 2 or more importantly, Blizzard has released another way for people from SEA to play the game. You will not need a crack or a hack. You just need to buy a game card to be able to get access to battle net.

What are you waiting for? buy your credits now!

Watch UFC 110 Nogueira vs Velasquez

I seem to have been under a rock these past weeks because of my job. Now that all of my projects are done, I am now going to relax, chill, sit under the sun and watch my favorite sport, MMA. I am going to Watch UFC 110 Nogueira vs Velasquez and I would suggest that everyone who likes MMA to watch it too.

This will be one helluvan event and not toooo many people will miss this.

I will not miss watching UFC 110 Nogueira vs Velasquez even if my life depended on.

Heroes of Newerth Guides

I have been searching all day long for a site that contained original and useful guides of the game Heroes of Newerth. I want to show you guys the fruits of my labor!

I finally found a site that had it all (well almost all). It's still a fairly new site judging by its looks but the content is great. They have a database or Heroes list and an item database or list.

I badly needed that to be competitive ingame. Now I am ready to face the hon world! Prepare for the coming of the king!