JoeTech Blog Contest

JoeTech is currently holding a blog contest on his blog for EntreCard credits and a very beautiful advertising spot.

Here are the ways on how you could enter the contest

How can I win?
This one will be just a little different, but like always, I want to make it easy to enter. Just do ANY of the following to enter:
- Comment on this post (1 entry)
- Send a visitor to from your site (2 entries per visitor!)
- Sign up for my RSS feed via email (10 entries)
- Favorite me in Technorati (10 entries)
- Put in your blog roll (30 entries)
- Write a post about this contest (MUST link back to this post) (50 entries)
- Write a positive review on your blog (MUST link to (100+ words) of (100 entries)
- Stumble one of my articles (20 entries)
The contest is still on, join now! :)


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