StreetAdvisor New Features

Today we will witness the launch a range of new upgrades that will give homeowners, renters, and buyers a more complete picture of where they could live. This resource will be made available at StreetAdvisor.

The new StreetAdvisor provide will provide a real-life “insider” view. The user's will be able to have the ability to learn and share vital details about where they live, including noise levels, traffic, neighbors, entertainment, and public services. StreetAdvisor’s street based reviews have been expanded to include cities, states, and countries. Recommendations and negative experiences about local businesses, entertainment and services will now also be supported. Upgraded guidebooks now include four broad categories with the ability to create additional topics in a similar fashion to a Wiki.

Other new features include a member recognition system, “local expert program” and StreetAdvisor Billboards, a service that offers the ability to secure exclusive “run-of-street” advertising opportunities on a per city basis.

The site is currently in public beta and offers coverage for the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia only.


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