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I came across a website today (nevermind telling you where haha) , it wasn't the best looking website on the planet as shown on the screenshot on this post but it sure hell has a lot on it. The name of the website is WholeSaleDirectUSA.com . This website is a great source of Big and tall t-shirts, Cheap T Shirt Wholesale, Golf Shirts, Plain White Tees, shirts, shirts online, Tall T Shirt, T Hood, t shirt, T Shirt Cheap, T Shirt Online, White Tees, White T Shirt, Wholesale Clothing, Wholesale Urban Wear.

The products that this website is selling is really their own. Meaning, they take care of its manufacturing and all the other stuff so you are assured that the prices here are the cheapest around because the products doesn't need to go through some middlemen that up the prices a notch so that they could also gain profit.

The company behind the website.

Established in 1986, Compusoft, Inc. an IT firm branched out into internet marketing of T-Shirts, this was when http://www.wholesaledirectusa.com got established. Their inventory maintains a large selection of sizes and popular colors. Wholesale Direct USA also makes its own label 'Hood USA' to meet special demands of the customers.

As I've said, this website isn't the best looking one that you would probably visit in your lifetime but when you try to look for something, you will find out that it is really easy. You just click on the clothing type on the main page & you will be shown more selections & prices. Many of the clothing types are offered in a variety of colors.

Or you could simply search for a product using their search feature (for the lazy ones haha ) by T-Shirt type. Another great part of the site is that you could browse through the recommendations and maybe find products there.

There is also a section of the website that provides the wholesale prices & inventory chart for you to find certain products more easily. Included are the sizing & measurement chart for shoppers and others. You may also want to take a look at the testimonials section of the WholesaleDirectUSA.com website.

The testimonial section contain testimonials from satisfied customers since 2006. From what I've read on that section. The websites' customer support is really good & will respond to any queries.

If you are really interested you could now check their terms and conditions. After reading that lets now go to the FAQs.

I took this from their website :) so you could just read it here.

1. Order status – Please check your emails before calling.

Please check your email. We inform you if your credit card could not be charged. We email you when your order is shipped. FedEx also emails you with your tracking number. You will not get any of these notifications, if you do not enter your email correctly. We do not send promotional emails or give away your email addresses to anyone, so your email addresses are always safe.

2. When my order will be shipped?

Most of the time, we ship orders within one working day of receiving the orders and payments. If possible, we try to ship the orders the same day if orders are received early in the day.

3. How long will it take to get my order?

Areas close to NJ like Philadelphia, Baltimore, Richmond, Upstate NY, and MA takes one working day, Chicago, Michigan, Ohio, Carolinas, Virginia and Atlanta 2 days, Florida to New Orleans three days, Texas, Colorado 4 days, Southern California 4 days, Northern California takes five days.

4. How much is the shipping?

The website calculates the shipping charges. You have to enter the complete order to get the shipping charges.

5. How much are the t-shirts?

Check the Price and inventory chart under left tool bar at the bottom. There are too many prices to quote on the phone.

6. What method we use for shipping?

FedEX Ground exclusively.

7. APO FPO and PO Box Shipping?

Sorry, we use FedEx that does not deliver to APO, FPO and PO Boxes. So we do not accept the orders.

8. Do we accept COD?

We no longer accept CODs.

9. What does ‘money order’ means?

Money orders simply means enter the order online and send money order payment with the last page of the order with the order number. We do not ship until we get paid by money order or Credit card.

10. Credit card billing address?

Please make sure you enter the address where you receive your credit card bill at. If it fails, you will have to make payment by money order. Your bank will also put lock on your money for a week.

11. New Credit card Customers – Ship to Credit card billing address only

For new or one time credit card customers, we ship only to the credit card billing addresses only.

12. What are the measurementss of the t-shirts?

All available measurements are on the website under sizing chart located under left tool bar.

13. Are the shirts TALL or HIP HOP?

All the shirts are TALL and Hip Hop except for SAAD small, medium, large and XL. Please read this and do not call for this question.

14. Do the Shirts shrink?

All Shirts are pre-shrunk 100% cotton and have minimum shrinkage.

15. Any questions, email us.

ALL ORDERS less than $200 must email us your questions. You must send email for order status. Please check your email before emailing questions.

16. Do we take orders on the phone?

We do not take orders on the phone, or by emails or fax. This keeps our cost low, your order is what you want and you get your orders quicker.

17. Do we take fax orders?

We do not take fax or phone orders, unless orders are more than $200 and order has been entered once on-line.

18. Overseas shipping

We ship only large orders to Canada and Europe on case by case basis.
Now you know where to go when you want to purchase shirts online. Hope you enjoyed the read.


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