All About Vacation!

It's been a long year. You're tired out, stressed out and ready for that vacation you have been talking about for weeks. Vacations is the best time to relax, sleep, and forget about your routine daily life. Throw all the trials and tribulations out the window for the mean time so you can return to work well-rested, wide-eyed and bushy tailed with those old energy tanks fully replenished. Isn't that right?

Not entirely! The truth is that many people return home from a vacation more tired, more stressed and with energy levels severely depleted. The results of a poll based on 1,000 telephone interviews was the basis of this.

Are you now asking why? First, before you even leave, there's the stress of making plans, charting routes and finding a hotel, Poipu Condos or Poipu home rentals and airline reservations. Once you're on your way, you realize a vacation is not just a time to relax, it's a time to play and the days always seems far too short. So why waste a precious minute of it in sleep? That is what usually happens.

Travel often includes disrupted meal times. Your body will need to adjust to this. Not to mention a plethora of exotic foods (applies when you go to other countries or Hawaii - home of the world famous Poipu vacation rentals ) Alcohol consumption (if you indulge near bedtime) is not conducive to a good night's sleep. Add to all this jet lag (if you take an air flight that involves crossing numerous time zones) and worry about what's going on at the office or with those teens you left at home.

What can you do to improve your chances of getting the full benefit from your vacation? Google it! then write it down. Don't forget it cause this will surely make your vacations better.


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