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Lets now take some time to take a look at I know, you are now thinking that I will be talking about a website that sells paint online but actually am not. is a new version on the wiki site style but providing the user with a more Web 2.0 kind of interaction with the site. Normal wiki community is still the same here. You can hand out contributions, but adding/editing information on a wiki at is a breeze. powers websites that tap the power of collaborative thinking. The heart of the Wetpaint advantage is its ability to allow anyone — especially those without technical skill — to create and contribute to websites written for and by those who share a passion or interest. To do this, Wetpaint combines the best aspects of free wiki , blogs, forums and social networks so anyone can click and type on the web.

What they are trying to do is make a better wiki system. Make sharing information on topics simple through the use of advanced Javascript interfaces and Ajax transfers. Editing the contents of a WetPaint site or page is very simple with the new technology. On-click action, and several foratting options are already built into the interface. Tagging the pages makes it simpler to find when someone is searching for something.

Are you now wondering why they named the site Wetpaint?

The name came from (as stated in their about page) an urge that all of us have when we encounter a sign "Wet Paint". It's about being curious, getting involved, and messing around with what's in front of us. sites are never really done because you can always edit and add to them any time you want. This is now what makes websites here great. The more coats you add, the richer the story is. (nice line wasn't it?)

Wetpaint was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Seattle's historic Pioneer Square. The company is backed by Trinity Ventures and Frazier Technology Ventures. The idea came from a friend of the one who wrote their about page (I would assume the current owner and main admin). This friend of his was said to be diagnosed of cancer, after the shock he then tried to do as many things as he could with the time he has left. He went online and studied everything on his diagnosis but he found he didn't find what he really wanted to know.

This then triggered the writer of their about page to do something. He started where people can share information about anything: health, jobs, world events, or hobbies.


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