Lifelock? Have You Head of This?

This post will now be about a website or blog. From the looks of the site, I think its powered by the WordPress - a very good CMS.

The whole blog is catered to a certain product named LifeLock. This is where you could see LifeLock Reviews and other information about lifelock.

Are you wondering what LifeLock is?

After doing a quick google search on what lifelock is. I found out that LifeLock is the industry leader in the rapidly growing field of Identity Theft Protection. It is based in Tempe, Arizona. The company is led by experienced and successful entrepreneurs and industry experts. They are backed by Bessemer Venture Partners, one of the leading venture capital firms in the world. They serve tens of thousands of consumers in every state of the union, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

Here is what LifeLock Offers You
  • Proactive Identity Theft Protection
  • Reduce Junk Mail
  • Reduce Credit Card Offers
  • $1 Million Service Guarantee
  • Only $10 per Month
They secure your identity and guarantee you your good name.

Now I realize why there is a blog dedicated on talking out this company. They have tens of thousands of users so that would be a good sized target audience. Writing a LifeLock Review would certainly catch the attention of their users and the potential ones.

If that got you interested, you can read more Life Lock Reviews here.


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