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is a new social networking site for beginner and advanced food lovers. You can Connect with people, share the food you love at There are artices about many recipes, Wine, Drinks and you can discuss on them with other people. You have many recipes like Frozen Desserts, Rice, Grains & Beans, Sauces & Condiments and many others.

I am always searching for new and quick recipes for our busy household. There is nothing better than home cooked food but sometimes I am really lazy and a quick recipe would really help at times like that. Besides cooking, I also love baking. So where do I go to get normal day recipe?! These recipes are submitted by everyday people just like you and me. Not all recipes will work out for everybody so try it and submit a review on the recipe. I better stop typing because I need to hop over to find some ideas for birthday party snacks for my son’s 2nd birthday party.

Alright all you foodies out there! You will want to check out this great new site, This website is a great place to connect socially with other foodies. You can share and rate recipes along with creating your own profile for others to view. is the ultimate foodies tool where you can obtain nutritional analysis of recipes posted, submit your recipes for free, discuss cooking ideas and techniques, and plan your meals and shopping lists accordingly. I was personally pleased to see that there is a great section for cakes and a plentiful variety of vegetarian recipes as well. Foodies unite at!

If you are looking for a great food website, one built somewhat on a social network site then the place to go is It is a great site to share your recipes, get nutrional information for your recipes. You can plan a meal or a weeks worth of meals on this site. You can plan a dinner party, or you can just plan what to feed your family.


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