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I have been posting less and reading more this past few days. In the process, I've learned more things. I improved my adsense earnings from my other blogs and I've developed some of my other Blogger blogs with the Blogger Templates found on There are really some good ones there from the very Master of Blogger Templates.

btw, one other cause of the inactivity was that my ISP was having some kind of trouble. The internet connection here is really slow. I checked the internet speed with Internet Speedometer tools that I've found here.

I also found the badges I was seeking from this money making site. I never expected to see these there but hell the information is free and I am sharing it with you guys. It's a post on the Call of Duty 4 Prestige Rankings Badges. I am aiming for that level 10 badge.

This program also got my attention. There is actually a site that will give you free cellphones, ipods and gaming consoles. You just have to complete offers that they have. You could read about the program on this post xpango. If you are making sure that they are not a scam, you could read this post, xpango scam.

Thats already a lot of links sent out but I still have one more. As I said, I did a lot of gaming and this walkthrough for Grand Theft Auto 4 helped me a lot. It made my gaming experience better. There are also GTA4 Cheats and Hints on the post


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