No to 50 Year Copyright, Says UK

The British government turned down a request by the UK music industry to extend copyright for sound recordings beyond 50 years to 70. Such an extension would retain the ownership rights and royalties for artists like Cliff Richard, Paul McCartney, and their publishers. Cliff Richard, whose 1958 hit “Move It!” is nearing the cut off, it is groomed to be the 1st of a thousands who are going to lose their ownerships.

The Who’s Roger Daltrey, one of the most vocal critics around says,

“Thousands of musicians have no pensions and rely on royalties to support themselves. These people helped to create one of Britain’s most successful industries, poured money into the British economy and enriched people’s lives. They are not asking for a handout, just a fair reward for their creative endeavors.”

The government based its claims primarily on the Gower’s Report, a study of intellectual property rights in the UK conducted by former FT editor Andrew Gowers. The report was focused on maintaining intellectual property rights while keeping costs of enforcement low.


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