1000 EntreCard Contest at Mr.Javo.com

I have just been on my entrecard blog surfing when I stumbled a post on Mr. Javo dot com. You could check out the contest here.

All you need to do is get entries. The more entries you have the more chances of winning. You could accumulate entries for this contest by:

  1. Subscribing to his RSS feed. Doing this, you get 1 entry.
  2. Subscribing to his RSS feed via Email. Doing this, you get 2 entries.
  3. Subscribing to both feeds. If you subscribe to both feeds, you get 5 entries!.
  4. Writing a recommendation for him on entrecard. I very appreciate this, if you do it you get 5 entries.
  5. Writing this contest on your blog . If you do this, you get 5 entries for helping to broadcast my contest.
  6. Dropping your E-card. This is obvious too right? if you do this you earn 1 entry to your contest.
I've done all of it since I want to win that 1000 ECs :evil: why not join now?


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