Win $50 - A Conest at Blogetition

There is a contest over at for $50. Joining is so easy, you just have to do these things to earn yourself an entry to the contest.

Check out the $50 dollar contest now.

Blog about this competition

  • Simply write about this competition on any/all of your blogs. Make sure you link back to this competition
  • 7 credits (Bonus 3 credits if you also link back to the homepage with anchor text of your choosing.)

Stumble/digg/reddit any of the content on this site

  • Find some interesting content on this site and submit it to either stumbleupon/digg/reddit
  • Each vote/submission is worth 2 credits

Leave a comment on any of the posts on

  • Find a post you want to comment on and comment on it, no spam please. Try and be insightful where ever possible. (E.g if the competition is for an item/service you own/use then leave a comment telling folks about it.)
  • Each comment is worth 1 credit

Submit a blog competition/contest to this site which doesn’t already appear

  • Find a competition/contest which isn’t already on this site and submit it. This will also make you eligible for our first and on going contest which can be found here.
  • Each contest/competition is worth 1 credit

Winners will be announced on the 29th of February.


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