5000 EntreCard Credits Contest and a Little More

There is a contest going on over at MyRadicalBlogs.com. All you need to join is do a post on your blog talking about this contest and point 3 links.

1 Link to the Blog Contest Post at MyRadicalBlogs.com

1 Link to FeedFlare or MyRadicalBlogs.com's post on FeedFlare

1 Link to Bloghology or MyRadicalBlogs.com's post on Bloghology

After you're done with this, you now have an entry to this contest. Imagine what you could do with 5,000 EntreCard Credits. Now head on to that contest now. I have a link to the contest on top.

Contest will be until the 29th of February and here are the prizes:

1st Prize 5,000 EntreCard Credits

2nd Prize 2,000 EntreCard Credits

3rd Prize 1,000 EntreCard Credits

Plus one winner of 500 EntreCard Credits each week for four weeks

When you sum up all the prizes you get a whopping total of 10,000 EntreCard Credits.


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