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The following blogs paid for this review with 100 EntreCard Credits each. You could also get your blog here but the price would be a little higher. Drop me an email at romeuy777 [@] gmail [dot] com. I just experimented on this and I came to realize that doing a review isn't really worth the 100 EntreCard credits. Since I've already sold the review to them. It would be unfair for them if I don't do the review. Here is the first of the reviews:

Blogging contests are getting to be really a popular way to increase ones rankings these days. So to cope with the increase on the number of blogging contest on the blogosphere there are blogs that dedicate themselves for sole purpose of covering these blog contests. One of these blogs is MyBlogContest.com.

Basically, MyBlogContest.com is your source of blog contests. If you want yourself updated on the newest contest around then being a regular reader on this blog would be a great idea.

I would also like to mention this very cool feature on MyBlogContest.com where you could submit your contest to the blog without the hassle using their submit form. I think other blog contests blog doesn't have this very nice feature.

If you want to submit a blog contest, here is the form that you need to fill-up.

Submit your blog contest and sweepstakes, please use the following format:

Contest Name:
Contest URL:
How to enter:
How to win:
Other info: (keep it brief.)
Thats about it. Please stay tuned for more blog reviews later on.


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