Neil Patel - Taking a Gamble to Succeed in Online Marketing

This review will talk about Neil Patel and his addiction on online casinos ... nah! just kidding. It's about a supposed to be SEO expert re-branding himself to become more popular and stand out from the crowd. He eventually found a way around this and he is now one of and if not the best in the world when talking about... read on to find out more.

Neil Patel, two years ago was only known to be a SEO or Search Engine Optimization Expert. He was one of the best in the world back then but there were also about hundreds of other individuals who also possessed the knowledge he has about search engine optimization. With these he then decided to re-brand himself to become more successful in the Internet Marketing world. Not that he wasn't able to find success in SEO but he knew there was something out there better than competing with hundreds of others.

Neil then decided to re-brand himself and decided to concentrate on a new niche. Back then, there were very little Social Media experts and Neil felt that the world was in-need of one. He talked about the Social Media when he spoke at conferences and blogging about it for two whole years. After that two years he is now what he is now. One of the foremost experts on the topic of Social Media.

To make a long story short, within 2 years the perception that the public had on my company and me changed for the better. Many people see me as a social media expert now and when companies are looking for that service, in many cases they turn to me because I branded myself in this way. In essence, I took a gamble and risked everything, but within a few years it all worked out.

So Neil took the gamble and now he is reaping the rewards. When you think about it, life is just like staying in a casino or having to play online poker . You need to take a gamble sometime for you to be able to succeed.

I hope you have learned something today when you read about this post. If you are a blogger or an online entrepreneur. I would suggest that you do some serious thinking about your current position and try to answer the question, "Do I need to re-brand myself?"
If the following characteristics represent you then the answer is yes:

* There is nothing that differentiates you from the competition.
* Within the last 2 years you have not been able to achieve your professional goals.
* You are not well known in your industry.
If your answers to these are a NO, you should just: (in Neil's words)
All you have to do is take a gamble and roll the dice. Remember, in the Internet world the house does not always win.


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