I am currently working in a certain shipping agency as an accounting staff. I’ve been an accounting graduate before and right after my graduation, I am very fortunate enough to work easily on a certain shipping agency as a billing Officer up to these days.

My tasks includes more on accounting works like recording, sorting, encoding and after doing those clerical tasks all my paperworks are ready for submission to our Accountant and the same time the Auditor of our company.

Being an Accountant is really a tough job coz she’s incharge with all banking trasactions, monitoring our cash flow , checking daily and monthly company transactions, government agencies payments and other tasks requested by the management.

Well, I do enjoy my work up to this time even if it is a repeated task. You will find it easy and enjoy having those task everyday along with your office mates. Year-end is the busy days in accounting services department but after resolving all those year-end task, life is free after all .


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