Becoming Nouveau Riche

moneyNouveau Riche is a French for New Rich. Many people who now sit on the top most richest people on the world were coming from low economical family, how could they have now become on the top of the worlds richest people class? I bet you will be interested to read more

Unfortunately we are not going to talk about those richest man on the world today, somehow they are just too high for me :) I want to get some more "realistic" examples (target) for me. Some people who have become on the first top of their own world. Some people who currently have become on the first top class of the world that I know and I have chance to reach it too.

Nouveau Riche of the online world! Richest people of The Internet.

According to the Wikipedia, Nouve Riche is a situation which a person rises from poverty to wealth, or we can just say it from poor to rich! just read it by your self, i have quoted it for you

The term "Rags to Riches" refers to any situation in which a person rises from poverty to wealth, or sometimes from obscurity to fame. ~ wikipedia

Many people on the internet has now become Nouve Riche. They make a really good living from their online activity, just refer to these name

  • Larry Page and Sergey Brinn
    This two guys were just normal students on their school until someday they decided to develope their own software. A Search Engine software which later called as Google.

    Started form a free non profit work, they are now two of the richest people on the internet. Not only on the internet, even the richest people on the world. Their company, Google has even been richer then most little countries.
  • Bill Gates
    Don't tell me that you have never heard of his name. Perhaps your computer you are using to read this article now is even created by him, the Microsoft owner.

    Bill Gates was also a student when created his first Computer Operating System, Windows, a Microsoft first product.

    Bill Gates has become the first richest man on the world for some years. And of course still the richest man on the Internet until today.

    Ok I know those names are still even too high for us. Let's try the "smaller" names
  • John Chow
    He is the owner of TheTechZone.Com, a forum of techie things. The forum marketplace generates more then $200 thousands dollars / month on 2007. It must have been increasing now.

    He also own his own name blog, JohnChow.Com. His personal blog is now generating more then $30,000 monthly.

    I think he is a real example of what we all can achieve. John Chow is my inspiration to become rich from the internet.
I believe you all have your own dreams and must already have your own inspiration. John Chow Nouveau Riche Condition is the perfect goal for me. I want to be like him. Not the first richest man on the world nor on the internet, but he is making a really-really good enough living for him self and his big families.

Find Your Own Money Tree, Be The Next Nouveau Riche

Go to this Nouve Riche List, there many people who have become the Nouve Riches on the world. I know many of you don't have the skill to be on the online world, so perhaps Offline world is the better option for you.

You can find another business options or business chances here Nouveau Riche Business articles. There are dozens of promissing start up or business model you can learn. Many options to find your own money tree there.

I promise I will be one of those Nouve Riche somedays soon. Don't let me be alone, go learn your future business and get your own Nouve Riche inspiration.


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